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Merlot: Ultimate Guide

A bottle of merlot partially covered by some leaves.

Merlot is one of the most popular red wine varietals in the world. It is grown across the planet and is second only in production to Cabernet Sauvignon. As well as being an extremely popular wine for drinking at the table, it is also one of the most popular varietals for adding into blended red … Read more

10 Common Wine Faults : How to Spot Them ?

A pile of different wine corks from various types of wine.

Sometimes, and sadly, faults can occur in wine. Perhaps unsurprisingly, these are called wine faults. A wine fault happens when something has gone wrong either with the grape, the fermentation or production process, the aging, or the storing of the wine after it is bottled and sent off to its new home. Wine faults are … Read more