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Pairing the Wine With Steak: Which Wine to Choose ?

A steak with some chopped tomatoes, bread and a bottle of wine.

Wine and steak are often lauded as the perfect pairing. There’s a reason for that. The tannins in wine bind to the fat and the protein in steak, neutralizing the bitterness of the wine and elevating the natural fruit flavors. The wine helps to bring out the meaty flavors of the steak and enhances the … Read more

Pairing Wine With the Seafood and Fish: Which Wine to Choose ?

A bottle of wine, a seafood plate, and a woman's hand holding a glass of white wine.

Pairing wine with seafood or fish is something that is often done- and can also often be done wrong. Seafood isn’t really like other things that you might pair wine with. There are many different facets to both seafood (are we talking about shellfish? Squid? Normal whitefish?), and wine (red, white, sparkling?). This can make … Read more

Food and Wine Pairing: The Ultimate Guide

Two people toasting with their wine glasses at dinner.

Almost since civilization began, human beings have been pairing wine with food. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the more that civilization has progressed over time, the more complex our wine and food have become– which means that it’s also become important to pair them properly. It’s no secret that a great wine and food pairing can set both … Read more